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Frequently Asked Questions at Black History Review

Why isn't ____ listed here?

Probably because we haven't gotten to him or her yet. There are so many people who deserve to be honored here, that our reviewers have quite a long list ahead of them. Check often to see who we have added. If you want to suggest a person or book for a review, please email me. I can't promise how soon your nominee will be added, but we are eager to know how to better serve you.

Why are some white people here?

Some white people so dedicated their lives to helping black people that they have definitely earned a place in black history. This is particularly true when studying the abolitionist cause.
Black History Review exists to tell the whole story of African American achievement. If we began leaving out certain people who had a role in that simply because of their skin color, this site would be as biased as the textbooks of yesteryear that gave rise to the study of black history in its own right.

Why are some books on current issues on this history site?

History is most valuable when it can help us understand our world today. Take slavery, for example. Legal slavery ended in the United States with the War Between the States (also known as the Civil War). But slavery goes on today. Making slavery merely a topic of historic discussion does no service to those who are fighting slavery today.

Why does the same biography sometimes show up as the bio of the day 2 days in a row?

That means we've just added another biography. Those familiar with rotation algorithms based on modulus arithmetic will understand the reason.

Where can I learn more about black history?

  • Bookmark this site & keep coming back. We are constantly adding more biographical sketches, book reviews, and movie reviews.
  • Visit our links page for other good sites on black history.

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