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Black History is also American History
by Cassandra Walker

Cassandra Walker keeps the "American" in African-American history.
Her Own Bodyguard: Eleanor Roosevelt, Civil Rights, and Guns
by David Kopel

Eleanor Roosevelt would not let the Ku Klux Klan prevent her from speaking on civil disobedience -- even if she had to pack her own protection.
Slavery Reparations
by Walter Williams

Economist and author Walter Williams discusses reparations for slavery.
Gay Politics, Black Reality
by Star Parker

Star Parker explains the fundamental difference between the Civil Rights movement and the Gay Rights movement.
Jobs and Snow Jobs
by Thomas Sowell

Sowell considers the idea that President Bush has lost one million jobs.
Blacks gaining new political vision
by Star Parker

Being a Democrat is in and of itself enough to capture the black vote ... or is it?
An amendment to stop moral decay
by Star Parker

Pastors of over 40,000 black churchgoers gathered for a press conference at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington to express support for President Bush's proposal for a constitutional marriage amendment.
The media that couldn't shoot straight
by Larry Elder

The sage from South Central weighs in on the expiration of the "assault weapons" ban.
American Despotism
by Walter Williams

Dr. Williams decries the widespread abuse of eminent domain.
Negroes vs. black conservatives
by Mychal Massie

Why do so many Negroes disdain the growing group of black conservatives?
The universal affliction of irresponsibility
by Star Parker

Parker compares the problems in America to those in Palestine and boils them down to one thing: irresponsibility.
African-American history and Jesus -- Is Jesus relevant for the black community?
by Charles Gilmer

Is the Bible a European book? Is Christianity the white man's religion? Gilmer examines Christianity and the African.
Rosa Parks and history
by Thomas Sowell

Why was Rosa Parks' bus segregated? Did market forces do that?
Obituary of Robert Hicks, founder of Deacons for Defense
by Douglas Martin

Someone had called to say the Ku Klux Klan was coming to bomb Robert Hicks’s house. The police said there was nothing they could do.

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