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The Story of Ruby Bridges
Robert Coles
Illustrated by George Ford

In 1960 a New Orleans judge ordered two public schools to accept four black girls. Six-year-old Ruby Bridges was sent to William Frantz Elementary School.

With sensitivity Robert Coles tells Ruby's tale of faith, courage, and forgiveness in this easy reader. Day after day Ruby, surrounded by federal marshals, trudged through a screaming, threatening mob to attend an empty school as its only pupil. As the weeks passed, her courage and calmness inspired those around her.

The Story of Ruby Bridges

George Ford captures the emotions and power of the story in his beautiful watercolor paintings.

This powerful account should be read by everyone. It is a story to raise questions in children's minds and teach them the power of courage and the evil of injustice.

Coles, a prominent Harvard research psychiatrist, is a Pulitzer prize winning author. He has done much research on children.

George Ford has won the Coretta Scott King award and the Jane Addams Children's Book Award for his illustrations.

This is a must-read book.

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