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The Other Side
Jacqueline Woodson
Illustrated by E. B. Lewis

How can we help young children understand what it was like to live under segregation? Jacqueline Woodson gives a gentle peek in The Other Side.

Clover lives on one side of the fence that runs through their town. She plays every day with her friends who are all warned to stay on their side of the fence. But there is a little white girl who wears a pink sweater on the other side of the fence. She climbs the fence to watch Clover and her friends play, but she is all alone.

One day after a rainfall Clover meets the girl at the fence. The other girl, Annie, has been told by her mother to stay on her own side of the fence. Annie and Clover become friends by sitting on the fence until one day Annie gets to play with Clover's friends.

The Other Side is a heartwarming, gentle book with beautiful painting by E. B. Lewis. Lewis captures the yearning of Annie for a friend, the questions of Clover about the girl on the side of the fence, and the joy of a friendship discovered.

The Other Side was a Young Hoosier Book Award Nominee for 2004-2005.

The Other Side

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